Saltwater, The Summer Sun and Your Hair

Let's talk about the summer's wear on your beautiful locks. The elements of the hottest season can wreak havoc on your otherwise lovely tresses. While we love outdoor adventure and activity, the fun of a Destin summer comes with humidity, chlorine, sea salt, and sun damage. UVB and UVA rays from the sun can destroy hair cuticles, the outermost part of the hair shaft. This part does not contain Melanin which is the pigment that gives you color.

The sun can cause your hues to fade. Furthermore, the chlorine used in swimming pools chemically bonds to the proteins in your hair. The elements cause breakage and color loss. The natural oils are stripped away by the drying effect of the chemical, leaving your strands at risk. Sea salt is osmotic and robs the water content from your ends, causing it to lose elasticity.

We Can Restore Your Hair!

Have a  talented stylist who knows the right product to use and apply to restore your gorgeous locks' naturally beautiful shine and softness. It is the key to reviving its health. You can also improve the healthiness between sessions with your hairdresser and prepare for your future fun in the sun to protect yourself from future damage.

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One of our favorite products is Pai-Shau, a Signature Exotic Tea Complex designed with rejuvenating properties to nourish and protect. It contains natural vitamins such as B, C, and E, essential to growth and shine. Consuming these vitamins in your diet can also be very effective. In addition, we love our luxury collections of Replenishing Hair Cleanser and Cream Conditioner and a Supreme Revitalizing Hair Mask. We use only proven products to get the outcome we know you desire. At Hair By Kellie Salon, we can assist you in revitalizing and replenishing the look you love.