Balayage Hair Color in Destin

Balayage Hair Color is growing in popularity and is one of Destin Hair Studio's specialties. However, balayage is more than a hair coloring technique; it is a work of art for your hair, painting the color by hand rather than using foils. Balayage involves sweeping strokes to apply the lightener or color to hair. Because no Balayage color is the same as the next, with different colors and blending for each one, this is the ultimate hair highlighting technique.

Suits Every Hair Type

Balayage is ideal for all hair types, textures, colors, lengths, and skin tones. You will love the results you get with this freehanding coloring technique. In addition, balayage hair color is excellent for facial contouring when paired with layers to shape the face to enhance your best features. Balayage blends beautifully and does not have sharp color contrasts. No matter which color you choose, balayage creates a gorgeous multi-tonal natural look. Balayage Hair Coloring is versatile, so you can choose from various shades. You can choose to do a full Balayage hair color or partial.

Soft & Vibrant Regrowth

Balayage hair color leaves your locks softer with less noticeable regrowth than traditional highlights. If you can, our hair colorists suggest having monthly appointments to nourish and tone your hair between coloring. Updating your balayage color every three to four months is a good idea to preserve blending and vibrancy. For less upkeep, choose a shade close to your base shade and consider using a baby light, as it is a subtle shade. Read more about our Balayage Hair Color Services.

Hair Colorists & Hair Stylists

On our Talent page, you can learn about Destin Hair Studio's hair colorists, hair stylists, and makeup artists. Our hair studio's convenient location is in the heart of Destin, near the bridge next to McGuires Restaurant and across the street from the Harborwalk. We specialize in special occasions, including Prom Hairstyles & Updos and Weddings. You can contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our hair colorists or master stylists or book your appointment online.

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