Women’s Haircut

Ladies, are you ready for a new look and style? Are you ready for a hair transformation? The Destin Hair Studio stays up to date on the latest trends and styles on the beach. We would love to help you achieve a look you will love. Whether you want layers, a short bob, long waves, or bangs there is no limit to our expertise in a women's haircut. We would love the opportunity to help you achieve your new, desired look.

Determine Your Length

There are many things to consider when planning a haircut. One of these considerations is whether to keep long hair or shorten it. Maybe you like the body and style of a bob but want to keep your long locks. There is a style called the Lob, which is basically a long bob. You may want a traditional bob, that style is sure to keep your neck cooler in the Destin heat. Now that you have determined the length of hair you want, now you can decide which type of style you want.


Layers and Bangs

Some ladies work a long time to grow their hair out one length. Deciding to get layers in your hair is a commitment as it will take time and many trims to grow back one length. On the other hand, there are certain styles that can only be maintained with layers. You will also want to decide the length of your longest and shortest layers.

Are you looking for a style that will help you achieve a younger look? Bangs are a great way to take years off while adding shape to your facial shape.

Schedule Your Women's Haircut With Our Master Hairstylists

Our Hair Salon is located in the heart of Destin. We are open year-round and welcome return customers as well as one-time tourists. Our salon services can be combined with other salon services. We also offer on-site wedding services. We look forward to seeing you.

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