Everyone has pesky unwanted hairs. Having them on your face can be embarrassing and leave you feeling less confident. Waxing the unwanted hairs from your problem areas such as your upper lip, chin, entire face or eyebrows will leave you feeling confident and beautiful. We have all tried at home products that either did not work or caused pain and did not achieve the desired result. Depending on how you usually remove these annoying hairs, it can be a very painful process. Using tweezers and plucking the hairs is tedious and painful. By removing the hair this way, it grows back quickly. Creams can leave your skin irritated and still hairy. Wax benefits last longer than any home products and definitely less painful than tweezing and plucking.



Hard Wax Technique

There are various forms of wax depending on which part of the human body you are targeting. Hard wax or stripless wax is a waxing technique that does not use traditional strips. It is placed on the skin warm and is left on until it cools. Once cooled the hard wax becomes pliable and is easily removed. This technique is great for sensitive skin and offers a pain-free solution to removing unwanted facial hairs. This technique of waxing is specially designed for the delicate skin on your face.

Eyebrow Shaping

Not everyone has the eyebrows they desire. Through the waxing process on your eyebrows, you are able to achieve a more styled and groomed look for your gorgeous eyes. You can have the look you’ve always wanted. Kellie can construct an eyebrow shape that will fit your face beautifully.

Schedule Your Waxing Services

Destin Hair Studio offers complete facial waxing services. Many people try at home products that are harsh or cause skin irritation. We offer a waxing experience that will leave your skin silky smooth and leave you feeling confident.
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