Ombre is a very popular hair color used in the beauty industry and is gaining popularity in the entertainment world. If you are looking for a new and trendy look, this may be just what you want. This is a French word that means “shade”. This is a hair color technique that goes from a dark shade at the roots into a lighter more natural hue at the ends.

Ombre works great with bold colors or soft colors. Reds, blondes, and browns are all ideal. Basically, with ombre, any colors will work together. This look can even be achieved using colors such as purple, blue or pink shades. The varying colors are what make this look perfect for those of you who like to stand out in the crowd.


What Is The Best Hair Type For Ombre?

You may have asked yourself if you have the right type of hair for Ombre color. Well, the answer is yes! Ombre on curly and wavy hair creates a soft look whereas straight and sleek hair has a more edgy look. So whether you have curly, wavy or straight hair, this varying color is perfect for any texture of hair. As we mentioned before it can also be used with any hair color from lighter blondes to even sleek black hues.

Schedule Your Coloring At Our Hair Salon

Ombre is a color that requires very little maintenance. If you are ready for a new look, please contact our salon to book an appointment with one of our Master Hair Colorists. If you are having problems deciding which two colors you would like to use, we will be happy to help you choose. With our expertise and your imagination, we are sure to achieve a look that you will adore.

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