Makeup & Airbrush

Are you planning a wedding or attending a special event? You may have your desired hairstyle in mind but how much have you considered your makeup? When you are dressed like a princess or queen in a nice ball or evening gown, you want your face to match your elegant look. You also desire that look to last as you celebrate and dance the night away. Makeup & Airbrush Services are the best way to ensure that you achieve a beautiful finish that is long lasting. Not to mention you will absolutely love how you look!

Makeup & Airbrush Services

Our Makeup Artists use tools for airbrushing that offer amazing coverage and are formulated personally to each individual skin tone. This airbrushing technique is great for humidity and wears well for hours. This is a great service to add to your on-site makeup services. The on-site makeup service is clean and convenient.

Our Hair Salon's In Salon & On-Site Makeup Services

Brides are our passion, and special events and weddings are our specialties. Our Makeup Artists are experienced in matching your complexion and accentuating your features to bring out the naturally beautiful you. Kellie, Shay, Joy, and Charity expertly apply your makeup with your desired palette selection that accentuates your beautiful features such as your eye, cheekbones, and lips. and leaves you feeling and looking your absolute best!

Destin Hair Studio offers a makeup and airbrush service that will give the perfect finishing touch to your new hairstyle. Our facial services go great with our bridal services.

Book Your Special Event At Our Hair Salon

Our hair salon offers makeup & airbrush services for any occasion, whether you have a special event or just want to get dolled up for the day with extra beauty pampering. Our salon in Destin offers a variety of services that cater to your beauty needs. If you are planning a wedding, our master hairstylist, Kellie offers all the on-site hair and makeup assistance you will need. These services give your face a polished look on your special day. Call today to book your appointment.

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