Keratin Smoothing Treatment

Has your hair become unmanageable due to frizz from the humidity and other environmental factors like the sun and salt from the sea? Have your tried various products and styles to try to correct the problem to no avail? We have the answer you are looking for that will give you results you will love. Our Keratin Smoothing Treatment is designed to restore your hair back to its natural, relaxed state. The great news is this treatment lasts for several months and with no need for a flat iron, think about all the time you will save.

What Is Keratin Smoothing Treatment?

A Keratin Smoothing Treatment has several steps that restore the protein levels in your hair. The first step is a pre-treatment that takes away surface buildup while getting the cuticles ready for treatment. The next step is the application of Keratin Treatment and this step penetrates the hair's cuticles. The process strengthens the hair's keratin bonds from inside the cuticle which improves damage and smooths the hair. Additional conditioning agents can be used next to rejuvenate and nourish your strands. Our stylists will then apply heat to your treatment by blow drying and finally straighten your hair with a flat iron. This will add a humidity resistant by sealing the treatment. To learn more about Keratin and the role it plays in your hair, visit this Wikipedia page.

Smoother, More Manageable Hair

There are steps you will need to take once you have the Keratin Smoothing Treatment applied. You will not be able to use a ponytail in your hair or wash it for 48 hours. Kellie has any information and suggestions you need to get the best results for your Keratin Treatment. Contact Us at Destin Hair Studio to book an appointment. We are certain you will love the results you get with this treatment.

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