Do you dream of having the perfect curls but find very little time in the day to style your hair? Do you need a more manageable and less exhausting way to style your beautiful locks? A perm is a perfect solution for those who love waves or bouncy tight curls but have limited time to maintain them. Perms are also helpful in the humidity in Destin, as they will hold the style and structure of your hair without the need for a ton of products. Perms offer the extra body we all crave and love in our hair.

Loose Waves Or Tight Curls?

When choosing your specific type of perm, you will need to decide if you would like small and tight curls or gentle, loose waves. Kellie will determine the correct products for your hair type and desired curls. Whichever you choose, you will leave our salon feeling great and looking brand new with lovely locks!

Our Perm Products

At Destin Hair Studio, we only use trusted products that we love. The perm products we use are tested and have proven results. Today's perm products are more effective with fewer chemicals than old perms.