Don’t Let Winter Wear On Your Hair!

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We are well into the Fall Season and preparing for the holidays and Winter. Although we love having less humidity, we all know that the dryer, cooler air can wreak havoc on your hair leaving it brittle and easily damaged. Between dry scalp, dandruff, frizz and other variables your locks suffer. The products you use can make a huge difference in maintaining a silky, smooth look. There are measures you can take to ensure that the winter elements do not leave your locks dull and prone to breakage.

Prevent Dryness On Your Hair

Since the air is dry, it is important not to strip the natural oils from your hair so keeping it moisturized is key. Ask one of our talented stylists to recommend oils that are perfect for your hair’s texture and type. Heat can also cause excess damage. With the frizziness caused by drier air, we tend to straighten our mane more. Also going from the warmth of a building to the cooler outdoors can have the same effect. Giving your tresses time to recover between heating (blow drying, flat iron, etc) is a good idea. Less moisture in the air can also cause your color to fade more quickly so it may be wise to swap to a leave-in conditioner to help your hues last longer and remain more vibrant. Call us today and book an appointment with Kellie or one of our stylists!

Try Pai-Shau

Our salon has a variety of Pai-Shau products that can assist with restoring your hair’s moisture and preventing extreme dryness. We here at Destin Hair Studio will happily suggest whichever product is appropriate for your hair type. We love Pai-Shau. It is a Signature Exotic Tea Complex made from exclusive blends of steeped teas. Pai-Shau carries many products that will keep your locks nourished, healthy and beautiful.

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